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I'm sitting in the University of Louisville library. Across from this Mitch McConnell exhibit glorifying all the Kentucky Senators. It has one big ass statue of Henry Clay. Which I totally agree with. Henry Clay totally needs a big ass statue.

It's the big honking painting of Mitch McConnell right next to him that I go O.o over.

Somehow McConnell, I doubt your even close to Clay.


Anyway, back to schoolwork.
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Grad School, oh grad school, how you have eaten my brain Grad School. I hope the College of Education likes it's Paula brains. They're kinda crazy, just a warning COE.

Anyway, yeah.

It's been a hell of a month. I knew it was going to be a hell of a month when I looked at the schedule and realized what was all due within the same 2 week period. I never expected the other big thing that happened.

On top of grad school crazies, I had court crazies. I got to be in court for two emotionally insane days while I watched my sister and two other girls testify. Idiot should have taken the plea bargain.

Anyway, it put my school schedule all out of whack and yeah. Insane month.

Just gotta survive this semester, then? Student teaching. YAY.

I'll get there, I will get there.
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<silly voice>I feel violated</silly voice>

Just got a pap smear... do the math.

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Why do I always wait till the last minute to do shit?

God, one too many projects, all due at the same time, my brain is going to fucking EXPLODE.

I hate my life, really.

Now, going to take a nap, meet with my person so I can teach a lesson on Wednesday and yeah.

I will not go insane I will not go insane, I will not go insane.

((Ok, I know I'm not quite at exploding sickbay stressed, but, it kinda feels like it weee! ::looks at mood theme::))
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Well, I think I've found new motivation to post in here again. I gave things a bit of an overhaul, picked up a new mood theme. Josh and Donna, I will always remember you.

I overhauled my watch list, did some other things, left coms, joined coms. After a long time hiatus, I'm at a point now where I think I'll use this more often.

Granted, I've said that before and look where it got me.

Besides this, Star Trek XI has eaten my brain. I've always been into Star Trek, but, the new movie got me going and... it's nice to have a fandom again.

I need better Star Trek icons. But, yeah.

Hopefully, this will be the first post of many meaning, I'M BACK BITCHES
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All I can say about Torchwood season 3?

Until the end of ep 4 and then ep 5, I was good.

Spoilers and swearing )


May. 8th, 2009 01:25 pm
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I'm a nerd.

We all know this.

Proof of my nerd-dom?

I just can't stop watching this site.


Pick an airport, and watch all the traffic! Ever curious where that plane that's flying overhead is going? This is the site for you.

The codes and stuff take a little getting used to, but most of them are available with a google serch.

::goes back to watching the UPS planes take off::



Apr. 24th, 2009 10:19 pm
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Yeah, [livejournal.com profile] nnaylime  made me do it lol.

If I don't get to you right away, don't be offended, in paper hell.

Ask, and I will..

1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, a word etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must post this in your Lj.

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I'm writing this while I try to get motivated to write up this paper thing. It's the last thing I have to do, and I actually have plenty of time since I'm subbing for someone who's just giving a test. So, all I have to do is get up every few minutes and look mean. I like high school, they know the basic rules, they don't wanna be there any more than you so it makes life easier lol.

Not to mention that the private school I work at has the kinda kids that want to do well on tests. So, no real control issues since they do it themselves.

Meanwhile, my absorption into the football cult continues. As I start to understand the game, I find watching football movies more fun. Not to mention last night I think I was dreaming about being the queen left tackle and how I'm supposed to block my girl for what plays.

Yeah, it's official, I'm on the border of being obsessed.

Not to bad though, I'm having fun, and getting in shape, my weight hasn't changed but my pants have been getting larger. That's a good thing ehh?

After this stupid paper is done, I'll be done with school till May 11th I think. That's when the first round of summer school starts up. Actually, summer school really doesn't start getting hard for me till June 9th. Before that is a one hour physical fitness class.

Why am I taking a physical fitness class? Well, in order to qualify for summer financial aid as a grad student I have to have three hours. Most of the time, that's just one class...except this time. The class I need to take is only 2 hours, and after much angsting about whether I could pay for it straight up or if I should start playing games with the school. My sister [livejournal.com profile] moxieg came up with the idea to take an "Advanced Basket Weaving-105" course to put me over the top. I decided to take this physical fitness and conditioning class. I figured if coach was running my ass off in football, whats another hour and a half a day for three weeks? Gets me my credit, it fits my schedule and it'll help.

Did I mention just how much fun I'm having in football?

I'm really having fun in football.

Me enjoying something physical? I'm kinda having a hard time believing it.

Before the season is up, I really have to thank the girl that got me into it.

But, I've distracted myself enough, time to go back to the stupid paper/project of doom.
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Sometimes it really sucks being considered the smart/computer savy/educated one in the family.

If I wasn't, it would mean that I woudn't have to read the medical reports of my 85 year old Great Uncle. I wouldn't have to look into his face and hold his hand and give him the news that he had some sort of stroke in the past. Then watch him as he hands me a perscription and goes "what does this mean" and I look and see the smart funny man I knew vanishing.

It sucked.

Here's hoping that he was drunk enough that maybe he won't remember. I guess it's better getting that kind of news from family.
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The only thing that has made this really cranky, horrible, nasty pain in the ass, "I'm staying up all night and the night after weee!" day alright?

The fact that someone hacked one of the vending machines and I have 4 or 5 bucks worth of food for nothing.

It's total junk, but I don't care. YAAAAAY.

I had about 5 seconds of guilt, but that was about it. It's overpriced crap anyway.
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I know it's bad teaching practice to just give the kids a worksheet and have them do busy work... but as a substitute? I love it when teachers do that. It just means that all I have to do is babysit. Wooo.

Granted, subbing for 5th grade math is a completely different animal than subbing for 8th grade English, which is my other frequent customer, but we won't go into THAT.

Speaking of 8th grade? I should tell the story about the giraffes. I'll get to that at the end of this post.

Update from last post, for [livejournal.com profile] ozma914 's sanity lol. The landlord came by and checked the wall heater. All the wires were fine and all the heating elements looked normal. The only thing we could figure was that a dust bunny got sucked into the system and blew up when it hit the heating element. Landlord gave it a good cleaning and tightened up the wires.

This is actually one of the better landlords I've had. Most complaints get resolved within a couple of days. Or, if not resolved at least someone comes out here to look at within a few days. Which, I know is GOLD in terms of landlords. Hell, this was only 6 hours later but, then again, I was a firehazard.

Anyway the Giraffe story.

Springtime in the zoo )

Speaking of spring time, our first football game is this weekend. I've been getting more comments on my bruised up arms. Including abusive husband jokes. Which, I know isn't something to joke about, but, it's kinda funny in a sick way.

Yes, I'm playing football on Easter. Which, really doesn't mean a whole lot, since this year my family picked Orthodox Easter to be the big celebration. Since my parents religions of birth don't agree on the date of Easter, every year we kinda just pick one to do the big celebration on. This year, Orthodox Easter (next week) won. Good for me, no game and it's a the kick off of Derby season around here, which means my workload'll be a little smaller. Maybe? I can hope?

Last week or so of school. If I can hold on to my sanity, I will be alright. ACK.
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Ok, I'm gonna add "heater popping and watching a spark float down from it" to the list of ways I DON'T like getting up in the morning.

Call into the landlord.

Lets see what the wanker does.

Meanwhile, heart rate? GET BACK TO NORMAL.
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I think it means I'm being sucked into the football cult?

I looked at my left upper arm today, and noticed that I had a bruise pretty much the exact size and spacing of one of the girls hands, with little finger bruises above it.

My response? SWEET!

Yeah, I think they've brainwashed me...
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So, I've been subbing, many of you know this.

But this job, yikes. All the other secretaries/admin assistants/whatever you wanna call the person that practically runs the school have rooms of their own. This job? only has a large desk outside the office and every random person walking by can stare at me.

Dude, if I had this job full time, I'd either have to learn how NOT to be ADD by people walking by, or get used to having no privacy. Everytime I answer the phone, kids hanging out in the lobby studying look at me like "herm?"

Not to mention that the way this person has her computer set up, rather than two computers...one for the security system, one for everything else. She has one computer with two screens and to get to the other one you have to go all the way to the right to get the cursor to pop up on the other one to take care of the security.

Can we say, counter-intuitive? Just go RIGHT to go UP!!11!!!

Yes, I know it's set up for two screens side by side and they just put one on top of the other, but it still makes my brain hurt a bit.

Other than, that, I posted another 300 more words on ff.net for the BSG/MASH crossover. It's a transitional kinda thing, Klinger goes and wakes Charles up. I'll post it here later, once I get home. There will be more coming, I just need to write some more so I have a little but of a buffer. Because I'm flying by the seat of my pants without a Beta and just hoping for the best.

Also? People? When there's a security door? and I have to buzz to let you in? BANGING ON SAID DOOR JUST PISSES ME OFF. IT DOESN'T MAKE ME GO FASTER! STUPID PEOPLE!
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My god, it never frigging fails... Dad goes out of town, and he's the one keeping my old piece of crap car running at this point, and something dies.

Leaking coolant, wooo, smells like maple syrup.

So, now I get to try and figure out a way to fill it with water before I head home. Fun, looks like I'll have to drive over to the apartment, fill it up in the dark... and then screw with it.


My poor car Josh. He needs a cookie.
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School, god. Back to normalcy. Ugh.

After a rather adventurous week, this seems almost... bleh. Yes, I know kids can't read, do I have to learn strategies to help them? Yeah I know, shut up.

The only thing keeping me going right now is the fact that I have a 'date' with [info]hailpoetry and Oscary goodness, and well, "Inkheart" which, I just wanna see because dude Brendan Fraiser is like, one of my movie people that it doesn't matter how bad he is, or the movie is... I kinda have to see it.

Bask in the icon.

I'm off to football practice. Time to tackle a bitch.


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Dude, Joss Whedon and Bradley Whitford... involved in the same project? I think my little fandom head just blew up.

The Cabin in the Woods

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Dude, now I go, into the abyss.

To do what?

Buy jeans.


And maybe a pair of black or tan dress pants...


Why the hate? Because the moronic people that make them assume that if you have a big ass, you have short legs. Or if you have long legs you have a small ass.

I have a big ass and long legs.

Yup, needle in a fucking haystack.
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A Different Kind of Triage

Spoilers: Spoilers for Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica RDM. Spoilers for all of MASH.

Summary: A belt of Hawkeye's homemade hooch is just what the doctor ordered after BJ Hunnicutt completes a marathon surgery session. The second in a series of ficlets about the MASH Doctors in the BSG 2003 universe.

Authors Note: Father Mulcahy is staying Father Mulcahy, he's from a sect of priests and priestesses that take the title 'Father' and 'Mother'. I tried to work that fact into this chapter but wasn't quite able to. Just so I don't get confused reviews. :)



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