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My alarm clock didn't go off this morning, making me miss a test...

Horrific Tornadoes hit a high school...

A bus falls off a bridge...

Anna Nicole Smith is finally being buried...

I saw a special about how the Mayans and the I Ching agree the world will end December 22, 2012, possibly because of the magnetic poles shifting...

and President Bush is coming to town...

For some reason, the world ending is looking pretty likely this week, maybe it's time I find Jesus or Buddha or something so I'm not thrown to hell.

>.< Oy
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So all I want to do is translate latin... since the class is in ohh 45 minutes and I'm hoping the Prof. will take the work even though it's for the 10am class not the Noon class. (She teaches both)

All my brain wants to do, is work out weird ass plot details for a Buffy/Big Giant Spaceship crossover with Giles working on the road to earth and the Sunnydale crew rooting out whatever random demons and vampys happen to be left in the fleet. 

Damn my ADD brain.

But it's certainly making translating a little less >.< inducing. I think one of the sentences is about Catullus and his lovers. Which is kinda amusing.

Hmm, what colonies would the Buffy Crew be from...Caprica's all mighty and US like.. I wonder which one's like the England... once grand and powerfull not anymore but the culture still reflects the mightyness and...

BAD BRAIN.. LATIN. Latin, concentrate on Catullus' love life.

I need a Latin Icon.

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Fun is...

Sitting in the music school lobby with a witches hat and a cape and watching people stare.

Which here at the music school, means you've accomplished something when it comes time to the weird.


More stuff later, but now I have Diplomatic history and then Time Warp practice.
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I'm really gonna have to go rent the evil dead movies.... Cuz every time I see a part of one of them on Sci-Fi I absolutly love it.

I mean, Bruce Campbell hunting down little mini-Bruce Campbell...then he splits like an amoeba and has to kill his other half... and he taunts him from the grave? So right up my warped sense of humor's ally.


Severed head in grave: "You'll never reach the such and such, you'll die!"

Bruce: "You have something on you face"

SHIG: "What?" ::looks around::

B: ::Throws a shovelful of dirt on it::


Yeah, my brain is sooo soo warped people.
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Muah ha ha ha haaa....

The Mallorean is now all mine. Thrift Books finally got off their ass and it got here. Woot!

I really really love the low techness of the place... it was just in a gigantic USPS media mail envelope and everything was just shoved in. ::snort::

But... 5 books for 15 bucks including shipping... not bad...

::goes off to bother Belgarath and friends::
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And the evil crossover gears got going AGAIN at work today...

While I was slicing off the fatty parts of some chicken breasts and whacking them with a cleaver the beginnings of a Star Wars crossover popped into my head. It involved Alderan blowing up, the random Josh-alike surviving, and Leia going "Holy Shit you survived and I still remember when you locked me in the closet and father nearly killed you for it!"

But yeah don't know enough about the SW universe to make it happen and as usual...it's so out there I won't be able to do anything with it...

But it certainly made hacking up the chicken more fun.


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