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You know it's time to call it quits on your all nighter? When you end up with a sentence like this while trying to write about Ajax, Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers and The Furies.

In The Furries, Orestes is called before a jury of the citizens of Athens, where he is judged for the crime of matricide. (and dressing up in a pink fluffy bunny suit)

The parentheses is what my brain decided to add after it caught the typo.

Screw the 10am class... I'm gonna finish this and sleep till choir.
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Well, one good thing about pulling convo card duty the night before something kinda major is due.

It forces me to sit in the music  school lobby, wait for people to finish the concert and write the paper.

All I have to say is thank god for wireless internet.
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Woot, 12 hour paper writing athon begins in three minutes... when the library opens. Weeeeee!

People are hanging out in the 24hour study area just waiting for the doors to be unlocked into the library proper. It's rather amusing. Ahh, finals week, I will not miss thee when I get my ass outta college. (Whenever that comes >.< )

Ok, time for some coffee and study... yay!
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Yeah, being a night owl in a world where most aren't kinda sucks.

I'm sitting here doing good work on my paper...but I know I won't sleep tonight.

Grr, Argh.

But there is kinda something peaceful about sitting here writing the paper with the kitty over on my bed sleeping. I really wanna join her.
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So why is it that plot bunnies always manage to strike at the worst time? I'm trying to write my 10 page history paper due tomorrow. Of which I've only just figured out my tact to take on it. Thank god though, because now It should just be a matter of finding the random quotations and shoving them in where I want them. But still. I want to write this paper and kiss it sayonara. I'll be up all night. I write better papers when up against a deadline anyway. Mostly because I go into SMA (save my ass) mode and SMA mode shoves down the critical writing bitch that I like to pretend doesn't exist in my brain. And thus, things get written...half assed, but written.

Instead I'm sitting here, writing on my LJ, leaving comments on peoples posts and trying not to think about the Buffy Plot bunny that's bouncing around my brain.

Commentary on Life, Buffy, West Wing and other things. )


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