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A Different Kind of Triage

Spoilers: Spoilers for Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica RDM. Spoilers for all of MASH.

Summary: A belt of Hawkeye's homemade hooch is just what the doctor ordered after BJ Hunnicutt completes a marathon surgery session. The second in a series of ficlets about the MASH Doctors in the BSG 2003 universe.

Authors Note: Father Mulcahy is staying Father Mulcahy, he's from a sect of priests and priestesses that take the title 'Father' and 'Mother'. I tried to work that fact into this chapter but wasn't quite able to. Just so I don't get confused reviews. :)


After a the most recent marathon surgery session, all BJ Hunnicutt wanted was a belt. He hated doing Imperial Sections, especially when it had been a healthy pregnancy. Well, a healthy pregnancy until the placenta had been invaded by a Centurion's Bullets, therefore causing said placenta to detach. He didn't know if either mother or child would survive the night.

A belt, yes that's what he wanted. A large glass of the strongest hootch on New Caprica. The best place to get it? The Swamp.

At first the Swamp had just been where Charles and Hawkeye lived together while they worked on erecting more tents around the compound. It hadn't even been named yet. The Cylons changed all those plans of course. As soon as Hawkeye had realized their situation was about to go from doctors to a refugee population to something similar to their time in the Korean Peninsula on Canceron, he'd named this tent after the old one.

BJ didn’t live here anymore, not like the old days, but he was a frequent visitor and helped Hawkeye tend the new still. His family was here. He counted himself lucky they were alive. Sometimes he didn’t know if it was a good thing that they were on New Caprica. Occasionally he wished they’d stayed on the ships. If nothing else he’d be able to live down here without worrying about some fraking Centurion shooting them because Erin said something ‘wrong’ in school. He knew President, no wait, former president Roslin wouldn't report anything of the sort, but who knew about the other kids parents. It wasn't so much the insane amounts surgery that was wearing everyone down, they knew how to handle that. It was the constant and necessary paranoia that was slowly taking it's toll.

Beej strolled into the tent and gave the two men a quick, “Yo,” before adding his offering of a geode to the shrine to Asclepius on the table in the back of the tent. Erin had found the rock earlier that day and it seemed an appropriate offering. Then, he noticed something on the table that made him do a double take. Was that...no... right there next to Margaret's offering of a local fruit was a shot of swamp rotgut in Hawkeye's favorite, and only, glass.

Why'd the avowed agnostic of the group leave an offering? He'd always left to him and Charles the 'religious stuff'. Oh, he'd gotten superstitious about the Father's fixes in surgery during the war but Hawkeye had always been the least outwardly religious. Something had to be wrong.

“What did that Three want?” Charles interrupted BJ’s thoughts.

“There was a Three? No one told me about a Three hanging around.” Beej interjected as he sat down on a chair and picked up a glass of rotgut.

Hawkeye rolled his eyes at his former and current bunkmates, “There was a cheesed off Cavil too.”

“They are, on the whole, ornery buggers." Charles commented.

BJ snorted then smirked before he drank some of the moonshine, that had to be the understatement of the year.

"They wanted me to put a Six in the front of the triage line," Hawkeye said blandly.

Charles snorted, "Wonderful, yes, let us simply fix the triage line like one of your triad games."

“HEY! We don’t fix the triad games.” Hawkeye interjected before burying himself in his blankets.

Charles sniffed, “Yes, I’ll believe that when I see it.” He paused as he took a sip of his tea, "How bad was she?"

Hawk snorted, "If she'd been human I'd've called Father Mulcahy over for...you know."

After all these years, BJ was quite adept at speaking Hawkeye. He was still working on his Charles, he'd kinda got the hang of Margaret and he'd never quite figured out Klinger, but Hawkeye, he was fluent in. Hawk was blaming himself for something, as usual. "That's not the problem is it?"

Muttering made its way though the tent from the lump in Hawkeye’s cot. BJ could just make out, “tell on you to Peg”, “hate you” and “Frak off” multiple times in different variations and combinations.

“It can't be that we left her to die, they do get another body. We’ve all left Cylons out of surgery on the triage line, and you know we left people out of the lines during the war it’s the nature of the beast. Is that what..." Hawkeye flung a shoe across the tent and hit Charles in the shoulder, “Now, I say Pierce.”

BJ jumped in before it could turn into yet another squabble, “What’s eattin’ you Hawk, you left an offering to Asclepius, you NEVER do that. Last time you did that...” Beej made eye contact with Charles, both remembering the harrowing last months of their deployment when Hawk had completely lost it. BJ shivered and tried to push the images of Hawkeye so out of his mind that he tried to operate on patients without anesthetics from his own head.

Hawkeye flipped the blanket off his head and held himself up by his elbows, “I helped a Three do it today, ok! You happy?”

“You helped a Three do what? Procreate?” BJ tried in vain to interject some levity in the situation.

“Euthanasia! I participated in euthanasia and helped that Three kill the Six, so, frak off and let me wallow in my misery.” He childishly flopped back on his cot.

BJ rolled his eyes and made eye contact with Charles, he’d half expected this to happen eventually, it made sense. Of course it had to happen to Hawkeye, the one who’ll brood over whether it was right or wrong.

Perhaps Charles read that eye contact as his turn to get Pierce out of one of his moods, or maybe he just felt strongly. He pursed his lips and said in that way of his, “You didn’t kill her Pierce, you merely eased her suffering. What’s euthanasia to us is simple…” he paused, looking for a way to finish the analogy.

“I get it Charles, thanks,” Hawkeye said sarcastically, “I just... I don’t like taking life, even an artificial one!”

“Nor do I, but you have to realize where we are, this isn’t the Korean war. It’s not some relatively pointless conflict the President thought we needed to keep the newly formed government together. This time, our entire way of life, our species will be gone.” Charles huffed, “We can’t afford to be picky, we have to survive!”

Hawkeye sneered, “You sound like Admiral Cain, regular military gone horribly wrong.”

“No, Pierce, I just want to survive to see my grandchildren.”

Silence reigned in the tent, three surgeons each trying to digest what had been said. After a few minutes, BJ was the one brave enough to interrupt the silence.

“I think I need another drink.”

Chapter One ~*~ Chapter Three

Date: 2008-08-17 07:54 pm (UTC)
lullabymoon: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lullabymoon
I love these two chapters. They are briliantly written and still in character, even with the changes you have made.

Great stuff. Looking forward to reading more.

Date: 2008-08-19 03:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mymatedave.livejournal.com
Excellent voices for all three of the guys, and the guys fit easily into the colonial world.


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