Mar. 6th, 2009

zessa: (Aladdin: abu!)
So, I've been subbing, many of you know this.

But this job, yikes. All the other secretaries/admin assistants/whatever you wanna call the person that practically runs the school have rooms of their own. This job? only has a large desk outside the office and every random person walking by can stare at me.

Dude, if I had this job full time, I'd either have to learn how NOT to be ADD by people walking by, or get used to having no privacy. Everytime I answer the phone, kids hanging out in the lobby studying look at me like "herm?"

Not to mention that the way this person has her computer set up, rather than two for the security system, one for everything else. She has one computer with two screens and to get to the other one you have to go all the way to the right to get the cursor to pop up on the other one to take care of the security.

Can we say, counter-intuitive? Just go RIGHT to go UP!!11!!!

Yes, I know it's set up for two screens side by side and they just put one on top of the other, but it still makes my brain hurt a bit.

Other than, that, I posted another 300 more words on for the BSG/MASH crossover. It's a transitional kinda thing, Klinger goes and wakes Charles up. I'll post it here later, once I get home. There will be more coming, I just need to write some more so I have a little but of a buffer. Because I'm flying by the seat of my pants without a Beta and just hoping for the best.

Also? People? When there's a security door? and I have to buzz to let you in? BANGING ON SAID DOOR JUST PISSES ME OFF. IT DOESN'T MAKE ME GO FASTER! STUPID PEOPLE!


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