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So, last night I spent like a hour cleaning off my computer desktop. My laptop has been nominated to be the Powerpoint compy for our project and that means my entire Greek Culture class gets to see not only my desktop but just what kinda dork I am.

I should of taken a picture of what it looked like before because damn... it was really bad. Like, I'd run out of room on the desktop for icons and that's saying something when my computer is like 1200somethingX800something wide. Also? The wide screen? Awesome for movies, BAAAD for trying to find wallpaper that will look good. I spent yet another hour in photoshop with the clone brush and healing tool copy-pasting pieces of background and merging them together with the wallpaper I'd just downloaded so it didn't get all squishy and crappy looking. While I was at it I removed all the scifi channel watermarks...it's like, dude, if I'm obsessed enough to put something from your show on my desktop...I know where it's broadcast. I have to say, I am rather proud of it. The Battlestar Gallatica 2003 seal is now featured prominently on my desktop and it doesn't look like I hacked it apart with photoshop.

And I did all this rather than translated Latin. Yeah, we know where my priorities lie. 

I have a few thingies written on the BSG/Buffy crossover I was talking about earlier. If anyone is interested in Beta/Harassing me leave a comment or an e-mail address and I'll send you a google document link. Google Docs is now my new favorite thing because dude, makes betaing so much easier and fun.

On a personal school note...I talked to the History Advisor yesterday, I only really have two semesters left of classes before I'm FINALLY done with my bachelors. He said I might have to shoehorn myself into a few classes next semester and take a few summer classes but it can be done. Which is like thank god. The only downside is that classes I need might fall during choir...but we'll see how that works out. So, after talking with the fun Medievalist adviser dude... who, I found out, started out as a music major himself. He told me to go check out my scholarship options, since mine is essentially gone after this year.

So, turns out that my scholarship will pay up to 140 hours, up to that, the scholarship will basically renew itself as long as I'm within all the GPA guidelines. So, I have a least a semester and a half left on it, despite it saying I only have "4 years" This, makes me very happy, and even once I reach the 140, I can have people write notes saying "dude, she's a good student, she just spent 3 semesters in classes she can't use to graduate" which supposedly  will to get me another two semesters. 

Now, my life would be perfect if the Latin Department would accept my application to be a Latin Minor and my newish voice teacher would get off her ass and call me back.

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Today was a day of changes, both in terms of the weather and a little of my world view.

First the easy topic, the Weather. The Weather! )

But back to the changes. The Epiphany )
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So why is it that plot bunnies always manage to strike at the worst time? I'm trying to write my 10 page history paper due tomorrow. Of which I've only just figured out my tact to take on it. Thank god though, because now It should just be a matter of finding the random quotations and shoving them in where I want them. But still. I want to write this paper and kiss it sayonara. I'll be up all night. I write better papers when up against a deadline anyway. Mostly because I go into SMA (save my ass) mode and SMA mode shoves down the critical writing bitch that I like to pretend doesn't exist in my brain. And thus, things get written...half assed, but written.

Instead I'm sitting here, writing on my LJ, leaving comments on peoples posts and trying not to think about the Buffy Plot bunny that's bouncing around my brain.

Commentary on Life, Buffy, West Wing and other things. )
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Ahkay... now that I'm home... this is my list of shit to do. I'm thinking if I write it down somewhere it'll actualy get done.


~Tidy up room a little so Mom doesn't decompress or something

~Find Christie and drag her over to my house or crash at her house and watch "Fathers and Sons" on tape and the movie with "Drunken Irish Whitford"


~Get re-acquainted with Josh the Car, I've missed him this week.

~Bother College friends I.E Chris and Amanda.

~Figure out when I have shrink appointments.

~Figure out when when I have voice lessons.

~Sleep some more

Also? My left ovary needs to be whacked real hard. Yargh.

Time for sleep...


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