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Well, wow, it's only been a week and like, major things have happened.

I've moved out of my original dorm room, into the other one in the suite. Mostly because the morons at housing decided to put a senior and a freshman in one room and a senior and a freshman in the other. Yeah, can we say stupid? So, when one of the freshman started freaking out, Ippy, (the senior) and I looked at each other when the RA brought it up and were like. "Hey, we'll move in together, my freshman is driving me nuts." Don't get me wrong, both Sasha and Keshia, the two freshman were talking about are very cool girls. They're actually quite sweet and nice.. but Ippy and I are in the senior hell of hard classes and headdesk worthy papers...they're still in the 'WEEEE COLLEGE!" mode of school. You can see why things were weird.

Anyway, after a 2 hour move-athon, Keshia and I are both happier people.

But that's the the latest thing to happen.

Earlier the halloween concert was a big success. Even though I had to go alone since all the choir people I would normally go with are in Spain...Rarr.

It's also amazing, how much of my "Get my ass out of bed" urges come from forcing myself to go to choir. On days where I didn't have it this week because of all the Cardinal Singers being in Spain... I barely made half my classes. Yeah, I'm a lame ass, I'll be so glad when they get back and things go back to normal. I do not do well when my schedule gets messed up yarg.

Now, it's time to take my poor cat to the vet. Other things have happened this week. I think I'll do a follow up post when I get back from taking Salem to the vet. The poor guy has like, a kitty cold or something.

Also? We beat West Virgina! WOOOOT


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