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I know it's bad teaching practice to just give the kids a worksheet and have them do busy work... but as a substitute? I love it when teachers do that. It just means that all I have to do is babysit. Wooo.

Granted, subbing for 5th grade math is a completely different animal than subbing for 8th grade English, which is my other frequent customer, but we won't go into THAT.

Speaking of 8th grade? I should tell the story about the giraffes. I'll get to that at the end of this post.

Update from last post, for [livejournal.com profile] ozma914 's sanity lol. The landlord came by and checked the wall heater. All the wires were fine and all the heating elements looked normal. The only thing we could figure was that a dust bunny got sucked into the system and blew up when it hit the heating element. Landlord gave it a good cleaning and tightened up the wires.

This is actually one of the better landlords I've had. Most complaints get resolved within a couple of days. Or, if not resolved at least someone comes out here to look at within a few days. Which, I know is GOLD in terms of landlords. Hell, this was only 6 hours later but, then again, I was a firehazard.

Anyway the Giraffe story.

A few weeks ago I was asked to come on as an extra chaperone for the 8th grade field trip to the zoo. Apparently for better or worse, the 8th graders sorta like me. It's spring in the zoo, which means the animals are doing, you know spring like things.

We get to the giraffes, they answer the questions on their worksheet, everything's going well. Then, the male giraffe decides to make a pass on the female.

Actually, it wasn't just a pass, it was several passes.

Did you know that a male giraffes, um, you know what, is in fact, 3 feet long, pink and prehensile? Yes, there was a 3 foot long thing going "where's the hole! Where's the hole!" at the female.

Suffice it to say, my 8th graders were enthralled. Enthralled as only hormonal middle schoolers can be.

I had to physically turn each and every kid from my group around and push them AWAY from the giraffe enclosure.

And oh, the male giraffe never did quite get any.

Mine wasn't the only group to...um...experience nature. Apparently another group saw the lions and the naked mole rats doing their thing.

And that my friend? Was my trial by fire into the world of being a field trip chaperone.

Ahh springtime...

Speaking of spring time, our first football game is this weekend. I've been getting more comments on my bruised up arms. Including abusive husband jokes. Which, I know isn't something to joke about, but, it's kinda funny in a sick way.

Yes, I'm playing football on Easter. Which, really doesn't mean a whole lot, since this year my family picked Orthodox Easter to be the big celebration. Since my parents religions of birth don't agree on the date of Easter, every year we kinda just pick one to do the big celebration on. This year, Orthodox Easter (next week) won. Good for me, no game and it's a the kick off of Derby season around here, which means my workload'll be a little smaller. Maybe? I can hope?

Last week or so of school. If I can hold on to my sanity, I will be alright. ACK.

Date: 2009-04-12 10:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ozma914.livejournal.com
Those flaming dust bunnies can be vicious!


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