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Well, I finally got the guts up to 'publish' a fic, it's been up on FF.net for a bit...but here it is. First chapter

Title: A Different Kind of Triage
Crossover Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica/M*A*S*H
Rating: PG-13 (Whats the weird new system for that? Stupid ratings idjits)
Spoilers: So, far, Season 3 of BSG, mainly the New Caprica Arc. All of M*A*S*H.
Summary: Hawkeye deals up close with the 'skin jobs' on New Caprica, and he'd thought the Army Brass had been bad. The first in a series of ficlets about the MASH Doctors in the Battlestar Galactica 2003 Universe.

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It's funny that it's my oldest fandom that draws me out of this random self imposed non-postage rut...

Just got back from the midnight showing of XF2. I'm trying to decide if I like it for itself (AKA as a stand alone movie) or if I liked it because of "OMG OMG it's X-Files".

So, in no particular order, squeeing and random thoughts, feel free to add to them LOL.


Can't think of anything else right now... might add more later.
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Why is it? That the day the application is due I'm running around trying to track down my boss for her recommendation after I gave her at LEAST a month to do it?

A MONTH...I gave her a MONTH and it's coming down to the last few hours before it's due.


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After five years of work, drama (both internet and real life), and chaos... I'm done with my undergrad.

Holy crap.

Not only am I done I'm walking today. This feels so damn weird.

I couldn't sleep last night. I saw that Verminators show on Discovery the other day and all I can think about is "Holy crap, maybe I have bed bugs!" which is kinda irrational since one bed is brand new and the other one I've never had any problem with.

I think it was nerves and my mind made up the reason why I was twitchy.

Boring ass yet impportant thing here I come!

And, um... Hi real life. (I think)
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4.6 aftershock! Woot!


This is been a whacky day already and it's barely half over.
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Was that just a fucking earthquake?

In Kentucky?

WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Edit: Yaaah, earthquake. USGS
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So, it's been a while. But I just have to share this with someone. The past two days, these really pretty hawks have been hanging around the house. I've ID'd them as Cooper's Hawks (also known as Chicken Hawks). I emailed a friend. I'm gonna see what she says but for now...here's come cool pictures.

I'm using my Hawkeye icon for obvious reasons. :)

Edit: Since posting my source confims that they are Cooper's Hawks. She was also surprized that they let me get as many photos as I did since and I quote, "Those hawks are generally spastic as all get out as a species."

The Hawks! )
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First: Hi guys! Long time no see, yes I am alive!

Second: Somehow through all the insanity, I've managed to get a fair amount done on a M*A*S*H/BSG crossover. It should be crackfic? But somehow it's not. I need a beta. Any volunteers?

Last: I will write about what's been up. If I don't? Harass me. Last semester of my undergrad is just been eating my brain.

Woot woot!
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Because M*A*S*H is kinda my current obsession and this is a fun little test.

NameThatDisease.com - Name That Disease


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BOOYA! I just got the e-mail that confirms it. I'm graduating with my bachelors in the spring.


I think I might start posting here again... I don't know... anyway. I just had to share this with people. MAny of you who still have me friended were here for the whole. OMG college change majors stuff.

So, yeah. I'm a happy camper right now.


Apr. 25th, 2007 07:39 pm
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List of Shit to do:

Finish Medea Paper o'doom! Due: Tuesday Morning
Two Latin Finals: Today
Greek Culture Final Paper: Thursday Morning
American Culture Final Wednsday 11:30AM
Latin Geek Party: Friday Night

Sorority Hoopla: Saturday Morning
Opera Chorus Audition: Saturday 3ish
Get in vocal Shape: Every Day
Choir Practice: May 1st
Extra Lesson: Friday
Edit Greek Research paper: Friday. (My god, this class is worse than a piece of toilet paper on my shoe, I just can't seem to shake it off)

Sleep Till next year: After Finals
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So, some lame person pulled a hoax bomb at U of L again. This time there was a 'suspicious' package which apparently wasn't an explosive but still part of the hoax.

Ok, this is getting really really old. Don't people have better things to do than pull this crap? Whatever hormonal acne scared maladjusted trench coat wearing emo little boy doing this really needs to stop.

Go FBI, catch his ass.

(I'm assuming male because statistically it's probably a guy pulling this shit.)
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Anyone have any experience with ediets.com? I'm such an internet dork that taking the whole weight loss thing to the internet seems like a natural progression.


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Great, there was bomb threat on campus.

Joy... to bad this is the last week of classes or I wouldn't be going to my 2:30 class right now.

Fuckity Fuckity Fuck fuck fuck.

Edit: Based on the fact that it hasn't made news and the e-mail I got is encouraging everyone to go back to class...I'm inclined to think it's a hoax. I'm still gonna look for guys on campus with strange packages. Yay! Suddenly it's invogue again to call in fake bomb threats!
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::reads comic::

Hot Xander Hot Xander!


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You know, I wonder if there are like fan groups for Deadliest Catch...because now that Discovery channel is putting on the new season I'm getting addicted again.

Also? My damn Buffy comic needs to get here. Grrrr. 

Yeah, I am utterly lame...the excitement of my week is catching the new Deadliest Catch, writing my script for the Buffy Audio Drama, writing a paper on Medea and waiting for the #2 Buffy comic to land on my doorstep. 

And I need to suck it up and watch the last 4 eps of BSG this season... I have a feeling I'm not gonna be able to stay spoiler free much longer. Although considering the entire fandom basically went "Whisky Foxtrot Tango" all at the same time...I'm beginning to wonder if I really do wanna finish the season off.

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For any and all Buffy/Angel fans...I found this on one of my E-mail lists.

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Your sister puts a small little bucket on the cat's head and goes, "Look! Salem's in marching band!" and your only response is, "Kitty *Shako!"

*shako - a military hat worn in the Napoleonic era, mostly used today by various ceremonial military groups and marching bands. (A shako)
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So, we got this little DVD in the mail that was basicaly, "The Mormon Church Wants You!"

I swear to much, believe in evolution, and like reading fanfic porn.

My response? "No, they really don't."


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